Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic seemed to have had a trial with Arsenal during his days of development. The Croatia international, who is making waves at the World Cup, was named in a club roster that has gone viral online.

It remains unclear the exact time this was but apparently the north London outfit trialed the player. The other names in the list include Denmark international NicklasBendtner, who missed the World Cup due to groin injury, Jay Simpson, Anthony Stokes and FabriceMuamba. It is likely this was around 2004. Les Thompson, who posted the team sheet online, was also named. It seems the players featured against the Ajax academy in a test game.

Rakitic was still with Basel which seeking to grow through the ranks from 1995 to 2005. He eventually made the senior team around 2005 to 2007. Imagine what a player he could have gone on to be for the Gunners.

Rakitic has been a phenomenal player for the Catalan side since joining from Sevilla in 2014. He has helped them to numerous titles and continues to be an influential player in the midfield.

He is set to appear in midfield as Croatia prepare for the knockout phase in the final group fixture against Iceland on Tuesday. He has been important to the team so far and would continue to play a crucial role as Croatia prepare to meet Denmark or Australia in the Round of 16.