Surprising New In Bendtner Case: Now The Taxi Driver Is Self-Charged

The taxi driver who was attacked last weekend by football player Nicklas Bendtner has now been sued in the case. At the beginning of September, Nicklas Bendtner was arrested and charged with attacking a taxi driver in Copenhagen. Now the victim who suffered a breach of the jaw as a result of the assault has even been sued in the case. This confirms attorney Mette Grith Stage against Ekstra Bladet.

She said, “I can confirm that he has requested that I represent him as a defendant in the case.”  The police, according to another media – BT, have raised the matter of their own free will and directed the driver to a physical offense by the football player. The episode took place last weekend when Nicklas Bendtner and his model boyfriend Philine Roepstorff sat in a Dantaxa on their way home after a wet trip in the city. The trip ended quite soon when Nicklas Bendtner broke the jaw on the taxi driver. The circumstances are still not fully in place. Nicklas Bendtner’s boyfriend has previously told Nicklas Bendtner to act in self-defense and that he simply tried to protect his girlfriend.

In a longer look at his Instagram profile, Philine Roepstorff wrote: “At about two o’clock, Nicklas wanted to go home and sleep while I wanted to stay a bit longer so we still discussed it when we got into a taxi at the King’s New York. It would be a very short trip to Nicklas, but the driver drove us twice in a different direction than we asked for. The taximeter showed little more than 50 kroner when we were dissatisfied with Danmarks Nationalbank and refused to drive on with the driver.

It causes the driver to go crazy. He makes a U-turn and speaks for us and shouts things like whining and bitch and bitches. Eventually he drives in front of us and runs out of the car and throws a bottle against me. It does not hit, but its close. Then he walks towards us and my husband hit him once and obviously hit very unfortunately, writes Philine.