Nicklas Bendtner on Football Focus

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MrStallionHAN

    his confidence is awesome!

  2. JSJ07

    @cks1988 gallas was, without doubt, the worst fuckin captain arsenal has ever had

  3. 7CHP

    Martin Keown is such a fucking legend!

  4. generalmirth

    He doesn’t seem arrogant when he’s given a chance to talk normally rather than have his words taken out of context by journos.

  5. Lobuche8848

    really like ,Keown`s laugh.

  6. neszeee

    nice lad, good interview

  7. vintagegunner90

    thumbs up if u got here thru arseblog’s twitter

  8. cks1988

    check out gallas’ face at 0:49 after bendtner’s header. that cunt.

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