Nicklas Bendtner Compilation 2006-11

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. matth3winho

    @JensLengmann thanks pal, yeah i did

  2. JensLengmann

    good footage.

    did you get it off arsenal tv online?

  3. larwhelan

    @matth3winho What i have against him is that im an arsenal fan and he’s a waste of space! you obviously have a hard one for him! his goals/games ratio for arsenal, birmingham, denmark is appauling for a “world class” striker! Jack wilshere is a first team player now! think about that a bit and ask why bendtner isn’t? it’s not luck its class! Bendtner cant even start in a team that only has 1 decent striker??? There’s no world class striker in his way partnering van persie!

  4. matth3winho

    @larwhelan LOL! . . . There’s no getting the point across to some people when you don’t play for like 5 games then get drafted in for the last 20 mins theres a thing called being ” rusty “. You obviously have something against Nicklas Bendtner so there’s no point in speaking with you in this debate.

  5. larwhelan

    @matth3winho When he was on loan at birmingham he wasn’t playing premier league football and he’s had more than his fair share of play up front for arsenal! He has a loose first touch, he is a poor finisher and hasn’t got the intelligence to play upfront for a top team! He’s a liability at best and there is not a hope i hell that he will go on to be “world class”

  6. matth3winho

    @larwhelan You obviously don’t know his game then pal, he is technically good for a big guy i know maybe at times at Arsenal he might have not showed it consistenly but he hasn’t had much solid playing time and plays out on the right wing isolated . I watched him numerous of occasions in the past for Birmingham in his loan spell and Denmark and you’ll c what i mean … Every player makes mistakes misses sitters its part parcel of the game theres no doubt Bendtner will go on to be world class.

  7. larwhelan

    @matth3winho Bendtner really hasn’t got any technique in fairness! he gets lucky now and then but the chaps a waste of space and i did watch the video! he doesn’t play anything like the video suggests everybody has their moments and you compiled them but i bet it would be far easier for you to compile a video of his bad times than his good and the video would be far longer than 11 minutes!

  8. 20somethingwasteland

    @matth3winho Okay – He has technique in 11 minutes out of his entire career. Wauw.

  9. matth3winho

    @20somethingwasteland Did you even watch the video, some good assists and a couple of nice dribbles and good feet to round the goalkeeper, the 2 Bicycle kicks also. Come on atleast watch the vid before you comment …

  10. 20somethingwasteland

    “very good technique”
    srsly, are you talking about bendtner? He hasnt any technique at all.

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