Nicklas Bendtner ‘Inconsistent’.

Nicklas Bendtner Video clip Rating: 3 / 5


  1. 4polarbear4

    @CescFabregas404 non-arsenal fans don’t realise how many times he’s cost us though either, or how completely useless he’s been for most of his career at Arsenal. Even in the games he’s scored in, he’s done bugger all other than score. Last season he scored against Ipswich, Leyton Orient, Wigan, Newcastle, and Man City when we’d already won the match. Only god knows how you can think you’ll be the best forward in the world when you can’t get into the team ahead of Chamakh.

  2. CescFabregas404

    great video, the amount of times he gets slagged from arsenal fans, but they dont realise how many times his saved arsenals

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