Nicklas Bendtner Farewell

Nicklas Bendtner Video clip Rating: five / five


  1. scaprslayer

    This guy is good but we can’t have him as our number 1……. also he suits a club like bayern or german club that plays his style or some mid table but i think hes world class even he lost us match against barca..

  2. smoffelol

    can you make a Rosicky video? 😀


    Foda-se vocês estão todos passados da cabeça alguma vez há dinheiro para o Bendtner? A não ser que seja um de vocês a pagar lol

  4. zenheta


  5. rolypoly92

    @Xhoi23 unless your name is Francis Jeffers or Pascal Cygan haha. Think its time he went somewhere he can flourish but I am sad that he was never consistent enough to be a big success with us. He had some amazing moments and this is a great tribute video, nice one.

  6. Xhoi23

    @SirAndrePimenta Goodbye Big Dane,Once a Gooner-Always a Gooner <3

  7. Jaco2k

    Welcome to Sporting! 🙂 You will be champion this year! Dream team…

  8. malafey

    What the song?

  9. DubstepSector

    Richard / Pure says:
    the problem with bendy is that he used to say he was the best player in the world and shit
    if he kept silent and chilled more fans would have liked him. maybe he also put pressure on himself by talking funny talk

  10. CescFabregas404

    Bendtner was not underrated by football, he was underrated by the arsenal fans, they made him look bad

  11. Xhoi23

    i cried when the song say do you feel cold and than stoped for the bendtner picture :'((
    bendtner is a good striker and he need more space so he is making the right choice by leaving arsenal,he didn’t get much space here.We wish you all the best and remember you are always a GUNNER no matter of what chances did you miss 😉

  12. Davardini

    this video makes me think well he actually wasnt that bad at all

  13. SirAndrePimenta

    Welcome do Sporting CP ?

  14. talk2malawyer

    So we gunna start talkin like he has left arsenal?

  15. Justdufan

    @henryhk0205 But you are alone of thinking that, Bendtner had some great moments at the club but he was and is to inconsistent. He makes one good then one bad, he was a great header and finisher but lacked the extra touch and the technique needed.

    Chamakh isnt that much better, but a more complete player imo.

  16. fluffymole0913

    Are you gonna do a Welcome Gervinho video?

  17. footballVSvids

    Cannot believe you didnt include the 95th min vs wolves goal
    AMAZING vid though !

  18. KhamisiB

    great finisher just inconsistent but did cost us some points good luck super nick

  19. Arsenefaithful

    I must agree. Even when my friends gave Big Nick, or Big Ben slack, I always stood by this guy. Love this guy. He must stay and prove his worth. If he goes he will do well somewhere else. BENDTNER SUPER! SUPER NICK!

  20. sedlofotbal

    Don´t go, you´re not the best player, tho, but you got my heart. I like you Nick, stay with us!

  21. NicklasBendtner552

    Thank you for making this video!! It is fantastic !
    Bye Bye Bendtner! …

  22. mcfccomps

    Amazing comp! The song really suited the comp, I hope he doesn’t go out of the premier league.

  23. BendTOONer

    think the lyrics go well with the video tbh. come to Newcastle <3

  24. AjaxAmsterdam34

    I remember that chance he had… but in all fairness it was more or less a half chance in truth.
    I agree he isn’t good enough for Arsenal, but he still has the potential to be an Arsenal in the future should he leave and come back later on down the road.

  25. GTAIVEliteGamer

    Song name please ? Nice video btw. well done @TheGeoarsenal

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