Nicklas Bendtner – Give it Time – HD

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. edham89

    Goodbye Bendtner! πŸ™‚

  2. Alekf463

    Thumbs up vis du er dansk! πŸ˜€

  3. boomheadshot4691

    super nick coming to stoke, watch this space! πŸ˜‰

  4. tommy313

    ‘Can’t be touched, can’t be stopped’.
    I can’t think of a more inappropriate song for a video on Nicklas Bendtner.

  5. 03CribMidget

    @03CribMidget And he is better then Chamakh because he can use his feet and his head

  6. 03CribMidget

    The greatest momeny by Bendtner I can remember is when he scored that header against Tottenham in the dying moments of the game and he had JUST been subbed on. I think it was right after Almunia saved a penalty.

  7. 03CribMidget

    He has a good goal to game ratio, but still he believes he will become the best, well that is unlikely!

  8. underoathuea

    I believe that bendtner is a quality player. but its his attitude rather than god given talent which will push him out the door at arsenal. He forgets who is in his team. He has to take his chances (barca) if he is to get a first team spot. he deserves nothing

  9. dan1981dan1981

    Some of those goals were top notch and they’re Premier League goals, This isn’t a video of some kid with potential from an inferior foreign league. He’s a decent striker playing in a tough league and he hardly gets a run in the team to cement his place and find some consistancy.

  10. foroeste1

    se ele chegar ao sporting ele sera o melhor avançado a seguir ao falcao

  11. deathuponhonor

    @masoud0505 calm down soudz, he’s good I agree with you <3


    @Jaco2k he sucks an im a sporting fan hahaha

  13. rolypoly92

    @toplad321 He may not have performed to our standards, not that he was ever given a decent run, but shit he is certainly not. Cameron Jerome = shit. Rodallega = shit. Right now even Torres = shit. Bendtner = pretty good.

  14. Jaco2k

    Welcome to Sporting! πŸ™‚ You will be champion this year! Dream team…

  15. hehefromhere

    He’s going to Sporting Lissabon!

  16. masoud0505

    It’s better to say nothing and then wait for a couple of years when he is a world beater just to sit back and laugh at all of you inane faggots who know nothing about football, do not watch Arsenal, and hence, think he’s shit

  17. toplad321

    @KinkyApe14 Bendtner is shit, fact! nuff said πŸ™‚

  18. junkhobokiller


  19. Harry0tter

    lol bendtner is a great player one minute but the other minute he is shit

  20. KinkyApe14

    @toplad321 I never held Henry accountable for anything, I asked you, you said yes, don’t insult me by saying im talking out of my ass while you can’t keep up with your own shit to justify an argument which you now understand is not correct, but your own opinion. I taught you something, it’s called knowing the difference between fact and opinion. You learned this on a Bendtner video, and honestly, if you’ve already written him off why’re you watching his vids? ’nuff said. Peace.

  21. McMercs04

    @toplad321 absolute bullshit man. bendtner aint the reason lost against barca. yu just wanna blame him simply cuz yu dont like him

  22. McMercs04

    i actually dont think bendtner is that bad. he was one of my fav players at one point. only problem is he over-rates himself abit to high. but hes not a bad player. arsenal fans are the worst man srslii

  23. MrWakaka

    Bendtner should just go play batminton ..

  24. toplad321

    @KinkyApe14 mate stop talkin out of you ass, your the one who first brought Henry into this. and i bet 4/5 arsenal fans agree in sayin Bendtner is good but not good enough for arsenal … nuff said πŸ˜‰ and im as cool as a cucumber mate

  25. KinkyApe14

    @toplad321 1. I didn’t do that? you did. I just asked if you blame Thierry for us not having one a cl. 2. He might, he might not. 3. He’s come up for the club at times, and sometimes he’s missed. He hasn’t had the time to “prove himself” on the pitch, not everyones cut out to be a “super-sub.” If he’s confident that’s good for us, fact. Don’t lose your temper because your starting to realize your argument is sh*t.

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