Team Mates – Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner Video clip Score: four / 5


  1. maroneya

    @Hirushiama iniesta is pretty quick?

  2. minfrom

    girls must like eboue every seems to agree on him being the best dancer and joker

  3. ThewannaBeasFunk

    danmark + Bendtner

  4. igotscamed1

    Fuck off, Clichy best trainer? Have fun warming the City bench 😀

  5. lamismadeochodias

    i like this guy.

  6. scavenger894

    @Hirushiama Relax dude, they’re only kidding.. He’s one of the faster players on the team..

  7. TheEcofreak

    @ImAFake14 tbf all danes learn english as a second language, and bendtner moved here years ago.

  8. ImAFake14

    I think Arsenal spent a great deal of time perfecting the teams English. They all speak really fluently, best of the premiership sides I’d say! Especially Cesc haha!

  9. Robotdrummerzzk

    @Hirushiama clueless

  10. Hirushiama

    Cesc is the slowest because of the playing style he was given by Barcelona… passes possession he is not a runing type, he is a thinking and play making type thts what Barcelona needs and why they want him. Xavi and Iniesta are also the slowest because they read the game and make the magic

  11. xXWonderKid20Xx

    LMFAOOOOOOOO Van Persie biggest moaner?

  12. delonwest

    aaron ramsey, he doesnt like to crack a move lol

  13. Kalax03

    Lol, Bendtner with Man City away colours. 😛

  14. dafyduck79

    rosicky je asi fakt hlupy

  15. Badmanashtray

    Eboue seems like the life of the party wherever he goes

  16. Nana007x

    @G00n3r4Life A dedicated fan. Good to hear 🙂

  17. G00n3r4Life

    @Nana007x all my life….so 19 years

  18. Nana007x

    @G00n3r4Life That’s what I said. He abuses the chances he gets and that’s why he doesn’t play enough 🙂 How long have you been a gooner? 🙂

  19. G00n3r4Life

    @Nana007x lets put iot this way, if he was good enough to play for arsenal he would get more playing time.

  20. InspiredByOzil

    he’s smiling all the time! He seems like great person 🙂 I’d love to see him play someday 🙂

  21. Nana007x

    @G00n3r4Life They think he’s better than he really is. When he scores, they give him a lot of praise, even if it’s only against a team like Ipswich. They wish he’d get more playing time, but yes, he is our “superstar” (sadly.) But some don’t like him, they think he’s overrated. I used to like him, but I think that he doesn’t get enough playing time, and when he finally does, he abuses the chance!

  22. thescotboy13

    @G00n3r4Life Not always.

  23. SuperKaulo

    @Jordan10AFC Hahahahahaha

  24. zikrihakim87

    i would say arshavin giving the honest answer for this team mates interview…lol

  25. fesen2

    @koftownbabe to rub it in!

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