Nicklas Bendtner: Top 10 goals

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: four / 5


  1. 19979999

    bentdner is a bit like n’gog he’s good but he never shows hes full potential they’d both be better of in the championship

  2. TheSamF23

    Bendtner is a legend

  3. comestoagger

    @Oliverpebh8 Or Eriksen 😀

  4. xxGkSmasher

    @irregularallover rofl he’s shit…. he just needed to slide the pass in against barcelona and we would’ve progressed….

  5. Oliverpebh8

    @comestoagger well just look at Laudrup ? 🙂

  6. GrinddalCPH

    @Paulo1Y Go fuck yourself… U obviously know nothing about football, and just counter what the media say..

  7. PayDK

    kan godt lide nummer 1<3

  8. irregularallover

    @Paulo1Y fuck off. I’ve been following bendtner ever since birmingham. He’s very talented.

  9. Paulo1Y

    @irregularallover if there was a video of his top 100 fluff ups then i don’t think you’d be saying that..

  10. irregularallover

    @chrisboii14 If you thnks he’s shite u dont know anything about football .But he’ll show u haters at sunderland . just wait

  11. chrisboii14

    i bet it was hard to try and find 10 goals he scored:)

  12. SimonJetRDAF

    @comestoagger Should I remind you of Laudrup?

  13. MrJakebwoi

    so underatted

  14. zreading123

    i didnt know bendtner had scored 10 good goals

  15. fackwayne

    The 7th goal is CLEARLY the best. B52 is a beast…

  16. thomabolding

    Goal no 5 is the best

  17. LordKrulos

    GL in Sunderland.

  18. Cissesunlandsno9


  19. kurtishunt


  20. neilmets

    welcome to Sunderland AFC

  21. KingoftheMods7

    Welcome to Sunderland

  22. hittingtown539

    The title is wrong. It should be all goals by Bendtner. hahaha

  23. cisse4safc

    Welcome to the mighty mackems!

  24. romamen80

    sera que vem? PORTO

  25. MrBeefaroo

    @HeenriqueM Welcome to Sunderland you mean! Mug!

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