NicklasBendtner currently training with Copenhagen

NicklasBendtner is currently in Danemark after having been released by Wolfsburg last month.

He was supposed to stay at the club until the end of his contract in 2017, but his contract was terminated after a host of disciplinary issues.

Bendtner joined Wolfsburg in 2014 and managed to make 47 appearances for the club. But it is on the disciplinary front that things did not work between Wolfsburg and Bendtner. In February, he was fined for driving a Mercedes car to training while the club is sponsored by Volkswagen while in April was fined for being late to training sessions.

Wolfsburg director Allofs has stated that he was disappointed that the deal did not work out between NicklasBendtner and the team. He said that he was hoping that the cooperation will be fruitful for both sides, but so far he has not been convinced by the striker’s performance. He stated that in such circumstances, it is better to stop the partnership. He wished NicklasBendtner all the best for his career.

Nicklas has thus been training with Copenhagen as he waits and sees which offer may appear during the summer. Copenhagen, who are themselves preparing for a big match against AGF, do not want to receive any unnecessary media attention.

Copenhagen’s coach Stale Solbakken has said that he does not want NicklasBendtner’s presence to disrupt his other players as they want to prepare their match in the best possible condition. He stated that there will be no interaction with journalists and that he does not want any gathering around the players.

Bendtner has been working with Copenhagen’s staff in order to improve his fitness as he seeks to maintain himself in top form in case any offer may arrive during the summer.