Nicklas Bendtner getting Back into Form

Nicklas Bendtner has been an infamous player for quite a while now and many have wondered what kind of spell he had over Wolfsburg to not let him go.

Many have been questioning his behavior, his late appearances and plays of late but that’s no longer concern. Good news for all of the haters and bad news for all of the still die hard true fans of the player, his hold (or whatever voodoo magic he had over Wolfsburg) is now finally over.

While he’s described as a Danish mad talented striker, he joined up with the Bundesliga side when moving from Arsenal about two years ago. This comes at a loss though because while he has played 44 games, he has only made 9 goals total. As a result of these plays and his attitude as of late, Wolfsburg is finally cutting the chord and making the smart decision.

Wolfburg’s own Director of Sports, Klaus Allofs said on the club’s own website that the current situation the team was in because of Bendtner was nowhere near satisfactory and it wasn’t acceptable. He went on to state that it was completely unsatisfactory and that it wasn’t able to be endured anymore. The news comes as they had a meeting in secret on Wednesday and even sat down with his agent to discuss possible solutions for the future of the striker.

So what should Bendtner do next? What’s next or the best move for his career path? There’s quite a few options. He could always go back to Arsenal where he’s still probably still loved by some people. He should definitely at least learn the art of time keeping wherever he goes. If you don’t remember, he was fined over 2,000 pounds when he showed up to training 45 minutes late. His excuse of “not hearing his alarm” didn’t fly with the coach or staff.