The Ex Striker Of Arsenal And Rosenborg Named Nicklas Bendtner, Has Started The Sentence Of 50 Days

The ex-striker of Arsenal named Nicklas Bendtner has now started his sentence of 50 days and he was awarded this sentence for the offense of assaulting a driver of a taxi and posted a picture on social media of his ankle tag (electronic tag).

The player is 30 years old, who at present plays for Rosenborg, a side of Norwegia, and he is serving his sentence at his home in Denmark. Nicklas admitted that he had assaulted the driver of a taxi but said he did it because he was terrified and felt threatened.

The Danish international said that “Of course I do wish that it had not taken place. Both for me and for the driver of the taxi involved who thereafter lost his job as a result of the assault.” This incident happened in the month of September. At the trial, Copenhagen’s city court was shown the footage of CCTV in which it was clear that Nicklas struck the taxi driver in the face.

He explained that the taxi driver threw a can or a bottle towards his girlfriend and him when they were leaving without paying the charges. In a very lengthy post on his Instagram account he added “No matter in what manner the driver behaved and whatever he said, it is not something I expected for him. There was no doubt many better and other ways that both of us could have resolved our dispute.”

“If I would have paid the amount which was being shown by the meter of the taxi, then I and my girlfriend might not have been followed by the taxi with an angry driver behind the wheel.” Nicklas dropped his appeal which he made against the decision of sentence in the month of November in order to “focus of his family and club”, with the season of Norwegia to get started in the month of March.