Nicklas Bendtner – The Worst Miss EVER In The Champions League [FUNNY GIFS]

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. WITTSEY007

    @b2ferrara Darron Gibson’s class. whenever he comes on he scores a screamer.

  2. Lightview2

    that music does it

  3. comfortablynumb1975x

    @b2ferrara LOL

  4. b2ferrara

    On the few occasions I’ve watched him play, Bendtner has made Darron Gibson look like Pele.

    He sucks.

  5. lostprophets123

    This is why Bendtner is such a joke.

  6. Quillincy


  7. comfortablynumb1975x

    @liverforfun Ahhhhh hello Zaid mate.

  8. liverforfun

    @comfortablynumb1975x btw its zaid from fb!

  9. comfortablynumb1975x

    @liverforfun Thanks mate. YNWA

  10. comfortablynumb1975x

    The shot was going beyond Pepe Reina & heading in to the goal when Mr Bendtner worked his magic & saved the day for Liverpool.

    It has to be one of, it not THE misses in Champions League history!


  11. comfortablynumb1975x

    I decided on putting some of the best GIFS (Graphics Interchange Format) I have & making them into videos – with music & apt sound effects.

    This one is of Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner. It shows he managing to mess up what would have been a decisive goal in the Champions League game against Liverpool.

  12. liverforfun

    awesome videos…keep them coming!

  13. Victor Valdes

    I loved this

  14. Wayne Rooney Signed

    Makes great reading

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