Nicklas Bendtner pulls a Benny Hill

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: four / 5


  1. dane123ization

    djourou is shit koscielny is shit, where is my proof? Manchester united 8 arsenal 2

  2. Tmeister111

    @Arsehel Rosicky was brilliant until he got injured

  3. papapingu1992

    this is why his worth 9 million then

  4. mrcalarsenal

    You just have to laugh – Nicklas Bendtner is so bad. Glad he’s fucked off to Wearside, as far as I’m concerned he can bloody well stay there!

  5. aektzis91

    @Arsehel yeah but you also forget that before his injury in the away match against newcastle, his form helped Arsenal maintain a respectable unbeaten run. He made some top tackles and especially in the 3-1 win against Chelsea he became the first Arsenal defender in ages to outclass Drogba. The kid has talent, I just hope he can return to his best form and prove the critics wrong 🙂 That said, I expect the first choice cb pairing will be mertesacker/koscielny in vermaelen’s absence.

  6. Arsehel

    @aektzis91 Well Djourou is lucky, Vermaelen is 6 weeks out again. I hope he and Mertesacker, those tall bastards, can make something for us :). Djourou just pissed me off last season, especially there was one game when arsenal conceded 3 goals because of the clumnes of djourou.

  7. aektzis91

    @Arsehel Djourou is a decent player, he’s just had a horrendous time since his injury 6 months ago. Under the guidance of Mertesacker and Vermaelen he will certainly improve. Squillaci, however, is utterly hopeless. Also, Rosicky has looked alright so far this season, especially that performance against Udinese!! I think he will flourish this season.

  8. kobadelhi

    @ejableja so do u fucking ASSHOLE

  9. ejableja


  10. Arsehel

    @x3dxlolywannabe you compare Arsenal’s style with Sunderland. Arsenal plays faster then sunderland. Maybe at Sunderland he will improve, bendtner wasted too many oppurtunities

  11. x3dxlolywannabe

    @Arsehel we will see how crap bendter is at sunderland huh?

  12. pizzadude991

    @Arsehel Eboue djourou and rosicky is class

  13. CamCanCare

    @Arsehel dont forget Squillaci

  14. Burn0Man

    @thepieface9496 you do know he left and then snubed arsenal after right?

  15. thepieface9496

    is this meant to be our next henry………..
    i don’t think its going too well but i’m sure arsene told him to play bad then he’ll surprise us in a chapions league final

  16. kobadelhi

    @KingDyrve folk fra norge sku bare ha så mange tæsk. klamme bøsser kom her

  17. Arsehel

    @socdk Yes, I know it was short anyway. Wenger should also be in the list.

  18. greenwilly69

    can’t wait to see this idiot leave so he can keep someone else from winning

  19. socdk

    @Arsehel Looking at yesterday, I think your list might be a bit short…

  20. KingDyrve

    Nicklas, go fuck your mother,you piece of motherfucking shit. Go fuck your sister. MADDAFACCKAAAAAAAAAAAAA! DANISH ASSRAPIST!!!!

  21. sisen9


  22. Chickendip50

    Im a Liverpool supported..and from that day on I have loved Bendtner 🙂

  23. zara96100

    @4everrgunner loool okay u win he’s looks got the btter of me ;P

  24. 4everrgunner

    @zara96100 did u see how chamakh played the last game… DREADFUL. and last season he was too weak to even last half-way due to poor fitness. he has fallen way below expectations…


    thank god he’s going!

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