Nicklas Bendtner Interview | Channelbee

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: four / 5


  1. Max Schääf

    Prison Break a sitcom? I doubt it.

  2. Sher Lockholm

    The background music is doing my head in.

  3. rocky balboa

    lol. he sounds so stupid here

  4. noasbo

    Nicklas Bendtner can actually be a good player and score i.e 17 goals a season.

    People forget that he’s only 24, so when everyone was taking a mick out of him in England at Arsenal, they were taking a mick out of a 22 year old who is still finding his feet in the game.

    He was danish talent back in 06, 07 for a reason. He has talent, he just needs to express it properly. With time, it will come.

  5. Pj Nguyen

    you are

  6. HansdaMan73

    i lol’d when he said prison break

  7. Jonicoable

    Stop hating man! All you worldwide people who watch this just dont understand danish culture. He is not stupid, he’s just funny. He dont that much honour, you english “honourful” people!

  8. strongman016

    I get a real Jim Halpert vibe from Bendtner

  9. lozzag13

    seinfeld? as if bendtner knows seinfeld

  10. snowboard9292

    kiss my ass

  11. chr1095

    not everyone is english!

  12. chr1095

    he’s ugly as fuck

  13. kevin084life

    He is behind the scenes but infront of the camera he isn’t.

  14. kevin084life

    You better be a female

  15. JinNOSify

    he’s Danish, not English

  16. JinNOSify

    his favourite sitcom is Prison Break….lmao….

  17. RoadOnTheEyes

    I think he is freezing!

  18. Claudio Saavedra Muñoz

    FÅRK hvor er han blank!. xD

  19. floriboy17

    i thought he said brand to

  20. MagnaThor

    “I dream only happy dreams”

    dude talkin’ bout wet dreams in an interview!

  21. Alby Lad

    “So far it’s been Prison Break”

  22. Rhys Cyrus

    ‘most painful experience’??? watching him play

  23. MrBluestereo

    bendtner is kinda stupid

  24. MrRamsay8

    since when was prison break a sitcom ???

  25. partyboyedd

    Fuckin hell, NIKE have him trained! At least someone has.. Absolute shite footballer lol funny though!

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