Nicklas Bendtner Goal Vs Leeds United 06/07

Nicklas Bendtner Online video Rating: four / 5


  1. birminghamcity1990

    yh lol when we broke through the gate below at cov haha kicked of again wid
    cov this season aswell didnt it

  2. David Francis-Deakin

    Official Legend! hope it was one of there maggoty little fans who sit under
    the score board and forget the match is on all game just screaming wanker
    at the traveling support!

  3. BleedingPicturesDanny


  4. Ross Wilson

    ok he may of score but wat was final score? birmingham r shit

  5. SammyR14

    u r queer 4 arsenal he is sh*t do u watch or support Arsenal

  6. BCFC1891

    your a legend πŸ™‚

  7. 7NoCkSYlUfC7

    lol i bet they decked u lol

  8. leedsfan93

    I wonder how different things could’ve been if he had been loaned to us.
    Birmingham have done well in the Premier League without him though.

  9. David Francis-Deakin

    hahah absolute gauntlet outside twats threw bricks at our coach! coventry
    that season was good aswell!

  10. brookslfc123

    As a dare i had slap a load of cov fans whith my blues shirt at the ricoh
    last season. it was pretty funny at first until i got into a fight and
    spent a night in a sell πŸ™‚

  11. WeAreCheese

    why did the camera zoom into his nose in the beginning?

  12. David Francis-Deakin

    was taylor and it was funny it looked like it had gone wide or summet! we
    sang our hearts out all game!

  13. Simone Morratz

    @wafflefacepenis say the guy who call himself facepenis

  14. birminghamcity1990

    yh we did lol. it took everyone ages to react lol when we scored the second
    i nearly jumped the barrier and decked these couple of 14 year old leeds
    fans lol

  15. David Francis-Deakin

    yeah i had a few good photos on my facebook! was massive fight in tesco car
    park hahah seeing them run, i live in cov there scum! haha

  16. Ahmed Zaki Moten

    the thing is we won

  17. johandjurholm

    that is a incredible goal

  18. BleedingPicturesDanny

    whos not rating this 5*? he was class for us and we are appreciative to
    arsenal as he is one of the main reasons we were promoted! are there lots
    of jealous Leeds fans here?

  19. Ejike Chima

    no, i think their are arsenal fans tired of his petulance/flatulence.

  20. brookslfc123

    haha cheers man πŸ™‚ it was funny at first but spending a night in a cell
    isnt nice. and btw ignore the lfc bit in my name i’m on my brothers account
    becuase youtube deleted mine haha.

  21. birminghamcity1990

    no they were a couple faggots similar to yourself

  22. birminghamcity1990

    it was wierd at leeds. martin taylor scored that dodgy goal(or was it nafti
    cant remember) and where the awayend is in the corner up the opposite end
    no one could tell if it had gone in so there was like a 5 second delay then
    everyone went mental lol

  23. wafflefacepenis

    bendtner is a flop…

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