Nicklas Bendtner – Arsenal – Goals – 2007/10 – HD

Nicklas Bendtner Online video Rating: four / 5


  1. BlackCatScott

    Bendtner is the boyyyyy!

  2. MsCebor

    why he always chew a mastic?

  3. 60000adam

    I rather have him than chamakh at arsenal

  4. TheThomasThomi

    sad thing is that you are probably right 🙁

  5. TheSafc96

    He is absoloute shit for Safc

  6. MishArsenal

    He’s a unique player. Headers and long distance shots.

  7. DannyJP11

    consider them marked

  8. AFCxSKiiLZx

    Hope he does well for you. I think he’ll thrive in a team that’ll give him first team football like Sunderland. (:

  9. TheMakemFolksinger

    let me be the first Makem welcome him to Sunderland, cheers Dave

  10. CidadedoLobito

    Welcome to FC Porto!

  11. fafa17love

    @Gersonwwe Acho q se vier vai ser uma boa contratação!

  12. nixdaduda11

    overrated….. in two years from now he is going to play for crapy teams in france or germany like ryan babel !!! mark these words !!

  13. bizzabinnkin

    everybody puts bentdner down saying he isnt good enough… the truth is he can play for who ever he wants he is so skilled and young he is only going to get beter…

  14. AFCxSKiiLZx

    Yeh. Hoping he’ll stay at Arsenal 🙂

  15. BerliNa2010

    love him

  16. Loverpoolproduction

    Very HQ!

  17. benz2arsenal

    big ben

  18. arslantaher

    He is no more KID

  19. kingsofgrooove

    Super Nicklas!

  20. AFCxSKiiLZx

    Thanks a lot. I might make a Vela one.

  21. 16arsenal4

    Another amazing video! Brillant! Could you do one about Vela please! I love your videos!

  22. Arsenal10Best

    What an nice video. Love the music too!

  23. heymoon15

    He is AWESOME! 

  24. Dabadiestkidalive2

    Nice work

  25. benz2arsenal

    he can be a great player in the future

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