Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner Online video Score: four / five


  1. danyo4sho

    How is he? Vela only scores against crap teams, as soon as Bendtner came on
    last night Arsenal got better. Vela is NOT better.

  2. Reaperfan1

    Well…those statistics suck. Why not compare minute per goal ratio
    instead. Bendtner has mostly come off the bench…yet he gets into double
    figures quite easily.

  3. lharmy

    i dont support arsenal but i completely agree. What the fuck is he doing at
    such a big club?! everytime he comes on the pitch its basically game over
    for arsenal. He’s just shockingly bad

  4. bienfait44

    l dont realy like bendtner but l wouldnt sell him bcs in the future is
    going to be a top striker. AC milan is my second team l like. but l would
    prefered the get fabiano or Dzeko.

  5. NicklasBendtnerVidz

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  6. kallikallar

    Bentdner is the worst striker in the premierleage

  7. Akshat Tiwari

    as of 18 april 2010 Bendtner has played 11 games right now with 9 goals in
    them he’s leading the attack for us and Denmark. He’s 22 and has a lot to
    improve upon before he becomes world class but what he has improved on is
    his movement inside the box and if he improves his finishing and first
    touch then we will surely think of him as a world class player. The boy has
    a winning mentality and can take sarcasim a prime example being what he has
    done after the burnley game.

  8. youreindanger

    anyone who says bendtner is shit has no idea about football.. hes a
    wonderkid good in the air, picks the ball up in dangerous positionsand has
    exceptional vision and craft he’s still learning and makes mistakes which
    has resulted in some critisism but this guy has all the ingredients to be a
    very good striker wenger is no fool if the man didnt have potential he
    wouldnt be playing im not an arsenal fan but my friends that r get
    frustrated with him but they must remember hes only 21 years of age

  9. DoYouMaybe

    yes off course mate, but he can only learn this by playing top level

  10. danyo4sho

    Even though I agree Bendtner hasnt impressed lately you are wrong. Laursen
    and Agger are world class players.

  11. Jonte1338

    @ghdbt7 Bendtner is the god of Arsenal this season!

  12. IIIISolidSnakeIIII

    If he worked on his finishing he would be good, his misses today where

  13. 26juventino

    song name pls?

  14. 1munsif

    Nicklas Bendtner is the best arsenal youth player i have seen. The problem
    is before arsenal reserves games were not on tv or online u could only
    watch reserves matches by going to underhill. At 17 he was ripping reserves
    team defences His main strength is dribbling, scoring goals and setting up
    goals. He had berbatov skill and henrys pace. In matches he would usually
    run from the half way line literally dribble past 5 players pass it to
    someone or have a shot.

  15. NicklasBendtnerVidz

    please join my Bendtner Facebook page, just search ‘nicklas bendtner b52’
    on Facebook! It has all the latest news.

  16. MrPeterKruse

    @mrvolax I’m not biased.. Actually I don’t like his attitude most of the
    time. If you add the fact that he’s only 22 to all your fine measurements
    of his skills I would say that he’s well on his way to become better than

  17. scurvydude5

    He’s crap, and thank the lord, we’ve successfully gotten rid of him…

  18. MajaSofieGregersen

    fuck you! i looooove bendtner, he’s awesome! he’s the love of my life xD

  19. stevieb1099

    bendtner is possibly the worst striker to put on a arsenal shirt

  20. kEnTaCuLa

    He is unbelievably shit. Stop it with all this “get him a chance” crap,
    he’s had more than a chance to prove himself, he has started numerous games
    this season and face it hes rubbish. Oh yes, i’m a gooner.

  21. iloveyourmum07

    hes a fairly good player with potential. he needs to improve a LOT on 1 on
    1s and first touch! but from the west brom game i saw it lookd like he had
    already been workin on his first touch lol he got potential but he wil
    never be a bergkamp

  22. Julius Air Kull

    bendtner is the worst player in Arsenal! He is the most shitty player in
    Premiere league history!

  23. Wandawaisu

    I love Bendtner (no homo) I just got his new shirt though 26 was my
    favourite number. I think he’ll be as good as Adebayor if not better when
    he reaches Adebayor’s age. Right now he’s not amazing, makes mistakes but
    he’ll soon iron out his creases.

  24. Kristnt

    I’M A DIE-HARD ARSENAL SUPPORTER. This kid just aint good enough.

  25. Sebastian Petersen

    the danish superstar

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