Nicklas Bendtner 09-10

Nicklas Bendtner Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. ShankRage

    olha Bendtner, embrulha fcp XD XD

  2. ShankRage

    uii ele da 10 a 0 ao cardozo em tecnica e velocidade

  3. snoutszer

    maybe he’s a good midfielder.

  4. Tfilipe222

    sei que ele tava inclinado a vir para portugal

  5. CorneliaBonifacio

    @Tfilipe222 acho que ele vai para o benfica, mas olha lá… Disseste isso há 2 semanas sem saber que ele vinha para Portugal? Ou já sabias de qqr coisa??

  6. Tfilipe222


  7. HDcorp04

    Bendtner is great !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Metalguitarme

    I hate people that says he suck, when V Persie was injured the whole last season, bendtner took his spot and did splendid, he saved us so many times, don’t you forget it, it’s thanks to him that we’re in the Champions league ATM

  9. futbol0maniak

    Good video

  10. BendTOONer

    makes me smile n im not even a gooner

  11. magiccatalyst

    I remember that night he scored at Camp Nou. Brought me 5 minutes of joy thinking we could beat Barca until Messi raped us. If he stays fit – we’re definitely in with a chance this year.

  12. B05Videos

    @AUA331C Just gave you the answer a few minutes ago, mate.

  13. AUA331C

    song ? btw Nice video !!

  14. B05Videos

    @AUA331C Thanks. The song is ‘I’m Not Alone’ by Calvin Harris

  15. AUA331C

    song ? great video btw (:

  16. nickywilliams

    Man, Bendtner saved our bacon so many times last season. Lets hope he returns fresh and ready after his long spell away from footy.

  17. Edbuoy44

    nice video, im waiting on his comeback. hope its a good one too, hes improved.

  18. Free Bets

    I wish I could do that!

  19. Park Ji Sung

    I love Park Ji Sung

  20. David Silva Man City

    I Love David Silva

  21. Hargreaves England

    Oh, Owen Hargreaves

  22. Cech Fans

    me love Petr Cech.

  23. CristianoRonaldo

    heart Cristiano Ronaldo

  24. Arsenal FC

    I’ve tweeted this link to my tweeps 🙂

  25. Christian Poulsen

    These are the best ever

  26. Bayern Munich

    Been there, done that

  27. Didier Drogba

    Didier Drogba also plays for Ivory coast

  28. Tailwind Football

    Had something like this myself last week

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