‘MOVING ON’ – Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner Movie Ranking: four / five


  1. Xhoi GoonerALB

    Most of the people say he is shit but i like that shit.

  2. AS37Gooner

    I genuinely want him back, give him another chance, i think he would prove his worth. Fantastic video!:D

  3. adda54


  4. lidgie123

    he’s fucking shit

  5. TheRahan100

     hes not hot hes ugly

  6. Lauren McClean

    He is so hot!

  7. vibzens

    I love nicklas Bendter. Nicklas is danish, and i’m so lucky that i am danish toooooo! 😀

  8. Himbeerhippie

    I <3 Nick !

  9. TurdaMr


  10. ZokoRox

    nice vid!!

  11. MrJhalle

    Sarah Dawn Finer - Moving On

  12. TurdaMr

    What´s name this song?

  13. AFCGajda

    FUCKIN AWESOME ! I love you Nicklas ! OH TO BE A GOONER

  14. Merindha Arty Sekardani

    Love the editing and all! Love Nick!!

    What the song called?

  15. G4MEZtv

    nice video and fantastic quality with the editing!!

  16. Jordan Case

    great vid. love bendtner. can’t wait to see him in the superfly 2’s

  17. dodofabregas4

    good work
    keep it up mate !

  18. Cris Mistrinho

    love the clips!! where do you find so good angles?!?!??!?!

  19. champ19822

    Great vid… keep it up Bendtner

  20. BendTOONer

    love it 🙂

  21. Abdullah Almotlak

    nice ,mate

  22. Adam Gibson

    quality vid mate:)

  23. x8MetNitro

    Great Video 5/5

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