Nicklas Bendtner, the Arsenal forward, who is on a season loan to another English club Sunderland at present, told that he may not be ready to extend his stay at Stadium of Light, even if the officials decide to hold himĀ  for the next season.

In an interview with Sporten.tv2.dk the twenty-four old that never say never regarding Sunderland, but if scope comes he may not stay in this club for the next league season. As far as Arsenal are concerned, he obviously heed to have a talk with them about his future plans. The striker has been quite clear regarding this matter.

The Dane player has appeared regularly for Sunderland during his term and he had scored seven goals and helped in scoring 5 goals in 25 appearances. Still, in spite of revealing signs of form, the forward is quite unlikely to be handed several first team scopes once he goes back to Arsenal and on the other hand Sunderland too would like to sign a new player rather than putting money on Bendtner.

It, generally means that Nicklas Bendtner may now be searching for a 3rd club and even though no club shown their interest on him, a overseas movies possible, probably to Germany.