Interview- Aaron Ramsey & Nicklas Bendtner after Liverpool game.

Nicklas Bendtner Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5


  1. rob1d212

    That “guy” is Paul Merson who used to play for arsenal you poo head. Surely he would know

  2. Ansar ali

    Aaron in my opinion is the replacement for cesc. Wilshere is great but when aaron played last season, he always seemed to mix in like when he gave a slick through ball I was fooled to think it was tomasz or Samir who gave it. Great player.

  3. Asharfina Adiwidya

    Aaron is HOT! he said “and uh” wayyy too many times though lol

  4. slipknot the nine

    time 4 bendtner 2 go

  5. Rebecca Mould

    ramsey is SO good looking.
    get well soon! 🙂

  6. Nina Sandberg

    ramsey, he’s so fucking hot! :

  7. DecMiiller

    bendtner is so underated yeah he doesnt score loads of goals but he works his ass off and on his day he’s as good as anyone

  8. SukhoiSu37Terminator

    He scored a hat-trick against Porto and saved our arses at Hull and you muppets still hate him? 5 goals in his last 4-5 games don’t mean shit to you lot I guess..

  9. amybabeeey25

    how can you say that! i bet you LOVE him now he scored that hattrick against porto! and he CAN speak pretty good english, but put it this way: he can speak better english than you can speak danish.

  10. UnitedMcShane

    bendther is a noble…and a wasteman though….ramsey is much better than him.

  11. ArsenalfcTHEHERD

    hes scored 2 in two matches you cockring… cockring…..i’m funny

  12. kankerballe

    Bendtner is not even a football player, he is the worst player I’ve seen in PL for serveral years. (And terrible english aswell)

  13. tab1990

    Bendtner is such a nob.

  14. gooner14mjc

    they both so hot!

  15. mullingman

    bendtner is a wasteman

  16. holliesamuel


  17. BelleSunga21

    i love them both. OMG! Go Arsenal 🙂

  18. monkeyman2121

    yeh boyy this guy got a awsome future and i agree awsome goal against stoke!!!!

  19. BendTOONer

    you dont get a much better interview than that 😉 super nick get well soon and ramsey is siiiiik .. just a shame they dont play for the toon lol

  20. sukiesoya

    Ramsey is fit

  21. SimenOfNorway1

    Nice goal against Stoke

  22. milanimonroe

    that guy said Ramsey can’t playing with Cesc and then he just did against Wolves and did outstanding. Shows how much he knows lol Arsene knows

  23. arsenalTillDeath14

    i meant MOM – man of the match

  24. crazyme91210

    wat u on about no-1 talking about ramsey mum

  25. arsenalTillDeath14

    hahaha bendtners face when he says ramsey mom

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