“I’d like Arsenal to keep Bendtner”

Nicklas Bendtner Video clip Rating: two / five


  1. gullyballo

    After today vs udinese i have to agree

  2. TheMzlapq13

    Chamakh way better than bendtner!!! When RVP was injured last Year chamakh was the man out there scoring goals(11) penaltys (5) and set two records 1: hes the only player ever to score in six consecutive games in the champions league 2:he scored the fastest goal in the club’s history(37 sec) against wolves and he went to the african nations cup finals with morocco won the french title in 2008 best player of the french league in 2009 !!!what bendtner did from 2005 to now ….

  3. arsenaly9

    to make it simple.. chamakh & bendter are both not good enough for ARSENAL.. from henry bergkamp etc to those? but anyway bendtner is much better than chamakh who cant even control the ball, but idk y the hell wenger let him play on the wings!!!!!!

  4. booondy101

    This White NIgga Trippin

  5. furiousgeo33

    it’s kinda interesting i mean bendtner will go for more money than chamakh i think thats what wenger is lookin 4. bendtner is 23 chamakh is 27 so age is a question. i mean bendter has scored 33 goals in hi whole career and chamakh has scored 65 for Bordeaux and arsenal combined so i think it’s obvious they want experience rather than young skilled player cause they have a number of those

  6. joydivision808

    just shows john cross knows fuck all about football both shit players

  7. cwizzle11

    lol what a joke chamack has had 1 season not even that bedntners been with us for donkeys and still been crap WASTEMAN

  8. chamakh2917

    Are you crazy? Chamakh is a much, much better play than Bendtner!

  9. TheEagle8

    Couldn’t agree more, bendtner has more to offer, he looked hungry in members day and wanted to prove himself

  10. sunbungun

    Much rather have Joel Campbell to be honest

  11. I3uzu

    @Arsenaltalk in the 2-1 loss agaisnt aston villa chamahk made friedel work 3/4 times and had 2 goals dissallowed ( 1 of them a foul and the other an offside) the foul wasnt a foul…. chamahk aint that bad but bentner isnt better than him….

  12. I3uzu

    @Arsenaltalk and mostley it was his fault against blackburn and sunderland he could have passed to van persie who was alone and he shoot the ball , he played a hole 25 minutes , in the 15 minutes that chamahk played agaisnt blackburn robinson was made to work 3 times and bendtner wasnt even able to make 1 decent shoot , and agaisnt sunderland chamahk hit the post twice and bentner didnt even hit the target once…

  13. I3uzu

    @Arsenaltalk bendtner was one of our main reasons 3 years ago we went out of the champions league with liverpool , chamahk last year made 9/10 goals in the c.l and took bordeux to the semi final , if bendtner would score 1/3 of his chances we would go a bit more better when he plays we always or get a draw or lose…., he is a young talented guy BUT he isnt good enough to wear the arsenal shirt , this season agaisnt sunderland and blackburn home we came draw.

  14. I3uzu

    @Arsenaltalk dude chamahk whose one of the best arsenal best players from the mid season , he faded away because van persie became fit and he couldnt play , we should had played this season a 4-4-2 formation with not fabregas , on the wings walcott and nasri and in the middle song and wilshere and att , chamahk and van persie im sure we would have gotten a better place , chamahk also showed his qualitly in the c.l .

  15. Arsenaltalk

    Hell yeah, we should shiop Chamakh to Roma. Im not saying Bendtner is like super awesome but atleast he knows how to shoot a ball.

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