Nicklas Bendtner has said that he is disappointed that he has got very few playing opportunities for Juventus in the ongoing season so far.

Bendtner was placed on loan to Juventus during the pre season transfer window. The Danish striker has featured for Juventus in 11 matches so far, but, he hasn’t had much success in those matches. He has managed to find the net on only one occasion.

Bendtner had spent the last season on loan as well. He had played for the Black Cats in the last season.

When asked about the limited chances that he has got in the ongoing season, Bendtner said, “It’s a bit disappointing that I haven’t got too many playing opportunities in this season, but, it’s something that I knew while coming here. I knew that I would not get that many playing chances.”

“Juventus is a very strong side and there are a lot of quality players in the Juventus squad. So, it’s tough for a new player to get regular playing opportunities. So, it’s important to make sure that whatever opportunity you get, you grab it. That’s what I haven’t managed to do so far.”

When asked about his experience in the Juventus camp so far, Bendtner said, “It’s been good. I have been enjoying here. After spending so much time in England, I needed a fresh experience and it has really been a wonderful experience for me.”

Bendtner is being criticized by some experts for his poor form in this season. When asked about that, he said, “I don’t think too much about what the experts are saying. Whenever you don’t perform well, you get criticized. If you think about the criticism all the time, your confidence will go down quickly. So, it’s better not to think about those things.”